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Autumn Leaf Collage

My girls have really loved playing in the Autumn leaves this year – usually throwing them in the air or at Pops who is always up for a leaf fight! So I thought we would take this interest and turn it in to a creative activity.

You will need:

  • Leaves
  • Glue
  • Paper
  • Contact paper (for younger children)

We started off by collecting leaves, we collected leaves of many different colours and sizes. This is a great activity to do to build language skills, colour recognition and have a lovely afternoon outside before it gets too cold!  (It’s important to check the leaves don’t have any spiders or other creepy crawlies on them.)

For older children you can give them some glue, paper and leaves  and let them explore the colours textures and create their art work. Olivia loved doing this, she filled the page with glue then leaves.

 For younger children sticky tape some contact paper sticky side up on to a table and let them place the leaves on the paper. Once the child is finished place a piece of coloured paper on the contact and smooth down.  Lara loved the sticky texture of the contact paper and was more interested in exploring this than the leaves. She places a few leaves on the contact and was finished.

It’s important to remember when doing creative activities with kids that it’s all about the experience rather than the finished product.


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  1. great outdoor activity idea as a farewell to autumn!


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