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Footprint Height Chart

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I wish I had had this idea earlier…

I made Thomas a height chart using a canvas and painting blue stripes on it to match the decor in his room. Each 6 months I measure him and make a footprint on the chart. It already is and will be a wonderful memory of his growth.

What you will need:

Canvas (from a craft shop) approximately 1metre x 30cm

Paint in your chosen colours

Masking tape to mark out areas for painting

Paint brush

Tape measure

Permanent marker

What you do:

Paint the canvas in a base coat of white or another light colour.

Once dry, tape masking tape onto canvas making sure the strips are evenly spaced.

Paint the areas not covered by the masking tape. Give a couple of coats or until evenly covered.

Allow canvas to dry and then remove tape.

Each 6 months (or however frequently you choose) record your child’s height and foot print. Mark the date and height measurement on the left hand side with permanent marker.

Thomas’ height chart is on the wall in his room and he loves to look at his feet.


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  1. Love this idea, I’m going to do it for sure!


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