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‘Once Upon a Time’ story box

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Thomas is really into listening to ‘told’ stories at the moment. He loves his Nanna telling him stories about his friends and things that he’s done, nothing in depth just nice little stories that start with “once upon a time”…

So I have created a ‘Once Upon a Time’ story box using a box we already had (gathering dust) and into the box I put a few items from around the house. The idea is that Thomas can choose an item from the box and then we can tell a story about it.

What you will need:

  • A box or bag of some description. The box was one I already had as I said but you could use a gift box. You could even use something like a library bag. Put your own spin on it…
  • Items to put into it.
  • Your imagination
What to do:
Choose a space and time when you and your child are happy and relaxed.
Ask your child to choose an item from the bag and start your story “Once upon a time”…
Most of all enjoy!

Some ideas from our box- a car, a ball, a picture of a cow, a butterfly toy, a piece of plastic fruit, and a colourful scarf. The items can change over time and your child can begin to collect their own items to put in the box as they become familiar with it. Other ideas might be leaves from the garden, photos of people or places the list is endless. Use your imagination…

An example of a story using the picture of the cow:

“Once upon a time, there was a cow. The cow’s name was Daisy. She lived in a field and ate grass all day long.”

If your child is older, you can tell a longer story or start to get them to tell the story. It could become a nice little bedtime ritual – and I’m sure there will be some funny little stories told that will bring a smile to your face for years to come :-). Make sure you write them down!

Apart from learning language skills in particular new words, sentence structure and how language is used to create a story, children will be learning to use their imaginations, make decisions for themselves and the most important thing they will be enjoying quality time with you.


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  1. Fabulous idea.
    You should Pin it! (new craze atm apparently)
    Would make a great small group time experience.
    Thanks for sharing. 🙂


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