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Musical Instuments

I had a couple of toilet rolls that I hadn’t thrown out this morning so thought we might get creative and make some shakers. Thomas’ friend was over and it was a lot of fun.

What you will need:

Containers, toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls any thing that you can fill up…

Sticky tape



Get your kids to draw and decorate the outside of the container or cylinder. Cover them in coloured paper if they are hard to draw on. You could also use stickers.

When they have finished the decorations, cover one end of the roll (if using toilet paper roll or paper towel roll) with sticky tape. Make sure you seal it well. I also wrap some tape around the outside to hold the ends of the tape down.

Fill rolls to about 1/4 full with rice.

Seal the other end with sticky tape.

Your instrument is ready to use. Have some fun by putting on some music and dancing with your kids while they are playing your shakers.

You can fill other containers with pasta or lentils or anything else that will make a noise when shaken. Experiment with your kids about what might make a good noise. Encourage them to listen to the different sounds.


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