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Bubble Painting

Kids love bubbles and this is a creative and fun way to turn them in to a work of art.

What you need:

  • High sided bowl
  • ½ C water
  • A splash of washing up liquid
  • 10 drops of food colouring (you may need more to make the colour stronger)
  • Paper
  • Straw

Firstly you put the water, washing up liquid and food colouring in the bowl. Then the child blows through the straw to blow the bubble up just above the rim of the bowl. It’s important to ensure the child doesn’t drink the mixture so this activity is best done with older children.

Then place the paper over the top of the bowl to take an image from the bubble. We did two colours to make an effective pattern.  


3 responses »

  1. Cool activity.

  2. We have just spent about 40 minutes this afternoon doing this activity! Thomas loved it- what is it with kids and bubbles? It took him a little while (and a few mishaps) before he got the whole action of blowing but we got there in the end. Great for strengthening muscles in the mouth and control.


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