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My girls are very much into bracelets and necklaces at the moment. So much so Grandma has a container that is filled with bracelets of every description that keeps them occupied for ages. It’s usually the first things the girls – Liv, Lara and my niece Emily play with when they visit Grandma,   After a Grandma bikkie of course!!  So we have started making our own.

You will need

Beads (of any size, shape or colour.)I use Pony beads I bought from Spotlight as they have large holes which are easy to thread for little fingers. Many $2 shops sell a range of beads also)

Elastic (cut to size)

Pipe cleaners (chenille sticks)

Cut about 5cm off the pipe cleaner and tie the elastic to it. This assists small fingers slide the beads on the elastic. Tie one bead on to the other end of the elastic to stop the beads fall off the end. Once finished tie the two ends of the elastic together and it’s ready to wear.  Your designs are only limited by your imagination.   


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