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Spray Bottle Painting

This is a great activity to do outside when the weather is a bit warmer.

What you need:

A couple of spray bottles (use as many or as few as you like – or have). You can pick them up from Coles or Woolies for a couple of dollars each.


Food colouring or powder paint if you have it – food colouring works just as well.

Large sheet of paper

What you do:

Put some water in the spray bottles and add food colouring to each bottle until it is a fairly vibrant colour (if it is too pale it won’t show up)

Spread paper on the ground and put some weights on the corners to hold the paper down while your child is painting. You might want to do this activity on the grass or an area that you don’t mind getting a bit of paint splashed around.

Give your child the spray bottle and allow them to paint. You might have to show them how to use the trigger on the bottle. It can be a bit difficult for little hands to manipulate so you may need to help but as their muscles get stronger they will be able to do it independently.

Handy hint: as it was cold, I put Thomas in his gum boots while he did this activity. The spray paint will inevitably go everywhere including on your child’s feet. Bare feet or gum boots are recommended as well as old clothes and a painting apron!

Allow to dry flat.

The finished product makes great wrapping paper…

Skills your child is learning during this activity:

Strengthening hand muscles – it is important that children get lots of time to do this as this is what will help them gain control of pencils and writing equipment.

Colour recognition

Cause and effect (what happens when I spray the bottle)


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  1. Never thought of this! My little man will LOVE it!


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