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Treasure Boxes

Olivia loves collecting things – mostly leaves that end up
getting crushed in her bed room right after I vacuum!!! So to try to keep her
collections in one place we made treasure boxes.

    What you need: 

A box to decorate. This can be any size box; a
shoe box would be great. I bought a small cardboard box from the $2 shop

Glue and brush

Paint and paint brush

Lots of things to decorate the boxes. I used
glitter, stickers, ribbons, wrapping paper left overs and sequins.

Start by painting the box (I forgot to do this bit…) you can
use glue mixed with a bit of paint to do this and then the box is ready to
decorate.  Or you can stick pieces one at a time. Olivia decorated both the lid and the inside of her box.

This activity encourages hand eye coordination, colour
recognition, patterning skills, self-expression and using different types of
art media.


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