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Wet Chalk Drawing

This is a simple idea that is really effective. The wet
chalk leaves bright bold colours rather than the normal chalk markings. It can
be done on paper (dark colours work best), outside on the path, any hard
surface or in Lara’s case – on the cat…

We did this inside on our chalk board in the kitchen. I was able to get
dinner cooked while my budding artists got creative!

What you need:

Chalk (the big pieces
work best for little hands)

Container to put
a little water in – I used plastic cups

Something to draw on
– paper, chalk board

Fill the cups with a little water and dip the chalk in the
water. Once the chalk soaks up a little water it time to get creative.  The girls enjoyed having a cup and chalk each
and being able to dip their chalk in the water then draw with it. I love taking
photos of the girl’s creations on the chalk board as they get wiped off so
quickly, so I always have the camera handy.

Happy Drawing!!


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