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To take advantage of the lovely sunny weather here today we
headed outside to get creative. Goop is a messy activity so best to do outside;
it’s easily washed out of clothes etc. even so we wore aprons as well. This
activity is really easy and cheap to make with ingredients that are already in
the pantry. It’s so much fun to play with for both kids and adults!





What you need:

1 Packet of corn flour

1 C Water

Tray or big bowl

Food colouring (optional)

Mix the corn flour with most of the water until it’s a thin
paste. You may need to add a little more of less water to get the mix right. Drop
a few drops of food colouring in the mix if you would like a bit of colour. Now
it’s ready to play with.


Children learn so much from goop: Weight and measure, experiencing
different textures, colour recognition, Hand eye coordination and most of all
its lots of fun!


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