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I Love You… Card

We made this gorgeous little card for Daddy for Fathers Day but you could make it for any special occasion really. I found the idea on a website I have recently become addicted to I haven’t actually figured out what the site is all about yet but there are some fantastic ideas for those who enjoy being ‘creative with kids’!

What you need:

2 Different coloured pieces of cardboard

Pencil for tracing

Black texta for writing


Sticky tape or glue

What you do:

Trace around your child’s left and right hand in one colour cardboard using the pencil.

Cut out the hand shapes and write “I Love You” on the left hand.

Cut a strip (approx 2cm wide and 20cm long) of the other colour cardboard and fold it concertina style. Attach to the inside of each of the hands with sticky tape or glue.

Write “This Much” on the inside strip towards the middle.

You can write your own message on the back of one of the hands.

Younger children will need help making this card but if your child is older they can do their own tracing, they may need some help with the cutting depending on their age.

Children are learning colour recognition and fine motor skills from this experience, not to mention the sense of pride they will feel when they give the card to someone they love!

I thought this was just gorgeous and Daddy loved it too!


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  1. Great idea!
    I made these for Mothers Day with a group of 2-3 year olds at a centre i worked at a few yrs back. I used childs handprints and added a photo.
    Mums loved them. 🙂
    Simple things……….


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