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Some Collage Ideas….

We celebrated Lara’s birthday a few weeks ago and once all
the excitement had died down and cleaning up after her party was done we were
left with lots of balloons and paper plates. We decided to use them in a
creative way rather than throw the unused plates away or pop the balloons.  Collage is great fun, easy (not to messy!) and
allows children to explore and be expressive with different materials. It
builds fine motor skills, decision-making skills and problem solving skills.

I have done a few
posts about collage before but thought I would add this one with a few more
college ideas.  (See Autumn leaf collage
and treasure boxes)

You will need:

Something to do the collage on – paper, contact paper,
balloons, a box anything really!

Something to do collage with – cut up colourful paper,
buttons, patty pans, pasta, straws, small pieces of material, leaves, sticks,
cotton balls, stickers, tissue paper, photos, foil, wrapping paper,  this list is only limited by your imagination!!

Something to glue with – for younger children you can use
contact, stickers or clag glue. For older children you can use glue sticks and
sticky tape. You can also add paint to your glue so children can see where they
have put the glue.

Now its time to get creative!!

Balloon Collage







Paper plate collage


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