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Get creative in the Garden

I love getting out in the garden and my girls both love to help as well. The girls help me with planting, picking flowers and weeding.
They love to pick flowers and I have a few plants that I grow especially so they can pick away and I still have some flowers left in the garden!

 Liv loves to dig in the garden and has her own set of gardening tools (spade, gloves, awheel barrow and a rake) to help in the garden with.

To encourage their interest we bought a strawberry plant. Liv helped me plant it and look after it. With great pride we picked our first
strawberry. It was huge so we cut it into four pieces and we all got to enjoy it.  Sadly for us a possum ate the rest of that year’s crop, after he finished eating most the figs on our fig tree!!

 This year we bought a few pots and some herbs –basil, parsley and rosemary to grow. They were going so well we
expanded our little herb garden and added thyme, garlic, rocket, tomatoes, mint and snow peas. So far so good!  We have
used the rocket on homemade pizzas and we had snow peas with dinner tonight.  We love the girl’s enthusiasm to help harvest
the herbs and veggies and they both are willing to taste what we have grown.

We aren’t Don Burke by any stretch on the imagination so I am learning along with the girls about what works and what doesn’t.

The basil we grew at the beginning of the year worked so well we decided to sew some seeds in a little “glass house”  with the aim of adding it to our herb patch this spring.  It’s been a fun activity to do and the girls love looking at the seeds and watching their progress.

 I have been most happy with my self and the invention of my little strawberry punnet“glass house” that seems to be doing the job!

What you need:

Strawberry punnet

An egg carton

Seed raising mix

Seeds – we have used basil.

Start by cutting the egg carton into four compartments and place them in the strawberry punnet.

Fill the compartments with soil and give alight water. Add the seeds then a little more soil and water again. Leave these
in a sunny windowsill, and lightly water every few days – its important not to let them dry out.


 Also important to put a saucer of some kind under the punnets as most of them have holes in them and leak out onto the windowsill.

Once the seeds have grown to the top of the punnet, break the compartments in to four
pieces and plant in pots or straight in the garden.

Happy Gardening!!


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