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Christmas craft

We started our Christmas craft today after shopping up big at the $2 shop Liv and I were keen to start.

Today we decorated Christmas baubles this is an easy craft activity that doesn’t need much preparation, isn’t expensive either and looks fantastic hanging on the Christmas tree.

You will need:

Baubles – I got a packet of 8 baubles for $3 at the Reject shop

Star stickers – I got these at Woolies for $1.35 for 90 stickers

We also needed pipe cleaners as our baubles didn’t have string on them. Once I threaded the pipe cleaner onto the bauble Liv used it as a handle to hold while she stuck the stars on. You can also add a little glitter to PVA glue and paint the baubles first then add the stickers. It’s important to use PVA, or kids craft glue, as it dry’s clear.

I write the child’s name on these and the year date so over the years we will have a collection of home-made decorations. They also make great gifts to make for family and friends.


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