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Home-Made Chistmas Cards

There are many different ideas for making Christmas cards with kids. This is one of my favourites.

What you need:

Green paint

Star stickers

Cards (or cardboard cut to size)


Elastic bands (I used some of the girls elastic hair bands)

Black pen



It’s best to do the prep work before you start as it a lot harder to do when you have two keen children waiting to start – I speak from experience!!

Draw out a triangle and rectangle on the middle of the card to form a Christmas tree shape. I used the pencil and ruler to do the drawing first then went over the top with the black pen.

The cut the sponge in half and bring the corners together and fasten with the elastic band.

You are now ready to start. Use the sponge dipped in the paint to print across the triangle shape on the card. Using the sponge leaves interesting pattern on the page leaving it looking like leaves on the tree.

Once the paint is dry and you can decorate the tree. Today we used stick on stars.

Our table full of home-made cards.


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