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Christmas Tree Painting

This is a really easy and open ended Christmas activity for kids that also looks great hung up on the wall. The thing I dislike about a lot of Christmas crafts for kids is that the focus is usually on the product rather than the process. When children are involved in doing too many craft activities where this is the case, it can have an affect on their self esteem. Craft activities should be mostly about children using their imaginations and being creative. Anyway, I’ll get off my soap box now!

I did this painting with Thomas just spontaneously one day so it didn’t take a lot of preparation.

You will need:

1 sheet A3 paper (or any size you wish really)

Green paint and a paintbrush



Sequins or stars

What you do:

Let your child paint the paper green.

Once the paint is dry, draw 2 lines on the paper one each side starting from a point at the top in the middle down to the bottom corners – to make a triangle.

With supervision, get your child to cut along the lines.

Cover the tree with glue and decorate with glitter and sequins or stars.


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