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Santa Sleigh

I originally got this idea from My Little Bookcase and the Magical sleigh ride post…and I loved the idea so when an empty box appeared at our house (you usually have a few around Christmas time). I knew what we could do with it!

Thomas was a bit tired the day we did this so it was a good activity to keep him a bit busy and entertained.

What you’ll need:

A box big enough for your child to fit in

Stanley knife

Red paint


Stickers (not necessary though)

Ribbon for reigns

What you do:

Cut a sleigh type shape out of the box using the stanley knife

Get your child to decorate the box using the paint, glitter and stickers (or whatever else you have laying around)

Attach ribbons to the front of the sleigh. I originally had one that made a loop but Thomas kept putting it around his neck so I cut it in half so there were 2 reigns.

Use your imagination and have fun!!

Thomas loves playing with his sleigh. It’s really brought a new dimension to Christmas this year… I also thought about cutting a hole in the bottom and attach straps so he can wear it and move around but we haven’t done that yet :-).


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  1. What a fantastic idea.
    Sounds like a great time was had from the making to the playing. 🙂
    Did you attach straps so he could move with it?

    • We both had a great time! No we didn’t end up doing that – in all the hustle and bustle of Christmas we got sidetracked but we might make a car with the left over boxes from Christmas and do that :-).


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