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Australian Flag Printing

I was surprised myself at where this activity lead! It was supposed to just be a simple shape printing craft activity. We started with a pig, duck, star and butterfly cutter and red and blue paint. Thomas created a picture using these shapes and then just wanted to use the star. Given that it is Australia Day next week I thought it was the perfect opportunity to do some ‘Aussie Art’!

We picked up a few items from Spotlight with the Aussie flag on them the other day so I got out some stickers with the flag on them and together we had a look at it.

We talked about the red and whites stripes that create the Union Jack in the top left hand corner. Thomas was very excited that there were stars on the flag “just like my star I’m painting with” he said! We counted the stars and discovered there were 6 stars on the Australian flag.

Thomas then set about creating his version of the Australian flag.

What you need:


Red and blue paint

Star cutter

A block or similar to create a straight line

2 trays to put paint on

Damp paper towel

White paper

What to do:

Prepare paints on trays. Put down paper towel and spread paint over towel. Place star cutter and block onto paint.

Count stars with your child as they paint. If they want to do more than 6 stars that’s ok. Thomas was happy to stop at 6. It is important to allow children to develop their own creativity and be provided with open ended activities in which to do this. Whilst this activity isn’t completely open ended it does allow for a little creativity.

Talk about the colours. You might like to sing the national anthem while you paint or another Aussie song to get in the spirit.


I really enjoyed this activity. What I particularly liked was that Thomas was able to explore the Australian flag at a level he could understand which created meaning for him. He now knows that the Australian flag is red white and blue, that it has 6 stars and red and white stripes.

He then moved on to doing blue handprints – which we also turned into flags… More on that in another post.


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  1. Love this original interpretation of the Aussie Flag.


  2. I love this! 🙂
    A clever and creative way to explore our flag with the kidlets.
    Thank you for sharing.


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