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Aussie Flag Handprint Banner

After doing the printing activity Thomas decided he wanted to do some handprints. Being a child who took a long time to cope with having a dot of paint on his hand, this is quite an achievement in itself. Thinking on my feet, I decided we could turn the handprints into little flags and create a great decoration to hang up for Australia Day. Thomas loves to see his creations being enjoyed around the house. It gives him a real sense of pride.

These were really easy to do – a little too directed for my liking but as long as there is a balance between structured activities and open ended ones I figure it is ok.

What you need: 

Red and blue paint

White paper or cardboard

A block (use the short end to print stripes for Union Jack)

Hands 🙂

Silver stars (I picked some up from the newsagent for $1.50 at Christmas time)

Thread, wool or ribbon

What you do:

Place your child’s hand in the paint and ensure it is covered – press down a little to make sure

Take a print of hand by placing it on the paper and pushing down a little. Repeat as many times as desired.

Allow to dry and then use edge of block to make Union Jack pattern in top left hand corner. I helped Thomas with this step by holding his hand as we printed with the block.

Stick star stickers onto hand.

I cut out the hands and then laminated them. Punch a hole in one of the fingers and thread onto string, tying each hand at regular intervals.

You could do this activity with a group of children where they each do a hand print and you make the banner from each child’s hand.

If you would like to extend on this activity, a great idea is to read some Aussie stories like ‘Possum Magic’ and ‘Koala Lou’ by Mem Fox, ‘Wombat Stew’ by Macia K. Vaughn or ‘Allison Lester’s Are We There Yet?’. Do you have a favourite Australian story?


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  1. Again – another fantastic idea.

    Well done Thomas and Mummy

  2. Great idea!
    Too cute.

  3. I’d frame one of those cute little hands and hang it on the wall. 🙂


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