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Fingerprint Birthday Cards

I like to make birthday cards for our very close family members with Thomas. I think it makes a little more special and he really enjoys giving something he has made. It really gives him a sense of pride in his achievements.

So for Daddy’s birthday recently, we made this fingerprint card. I thought it looked so cute that we made another for Thomas’ cousin for her birthday. I’m thinking there might be a few more here and there too :-).

What you need:


Poster Paints

Paint brushes

Goggly eyes (available from craft stores) we used 4mm ones

Black felt tip pen


I used ready made cards that I picked up at the craft store (they also came with envelopes) but you could make your own

Decorative paper (optional)

Litte fingers 🙂

What you do:

Cut cardboard to desired size

Paint children’s finger with paint (I only did one finger at a time)

Get child to make prints on cardboard

Allow to dry

Stick 2 goggly eyes onto each finger print and draw on a party hat. Decorate card as little or as much as you’d like.

Give to someone you love!

Learning Outcomes:

Fine motor skills and finger dexterity

Colour recognition

Self esteem


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  1. Another great idea – so cute and special


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