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Rice Shakers/Rattles

Thomas loves giving gifts to people. Lately when we’ve been to the shops he sees toys and wants to buy them for his friends. I want to encourage this but it is beginning to get  a little costly. I suggested to him (when he wanted to buy a rattle for his cousin) that maybe we could make her a rattle. He seemed to think this was a good idea so that’s what we did…

These are a really simple idea, they are easy for kids to make and don’t take a long time.

What you need:

Uncooked rice

Cold water

Food colouring

Other small items such as confetti, beads, feathers, sequins or anything colourful

Small bells

Small plastic bottles with lids

Super glue (to ensure lids are secure)

A funnel

What you do:

Ensure drink bottles are clean and dry. Remove any labels on the bottles. If there is any sticky residue, use a little eucalyptus oil to remove.

To dye rice – put the amount of rice you wish to use (about 1/2 cup per bottle) into a small bowl and cover with water. Add a few drops of food colouring and stir. Leave for a couple of minutes. Strain water and allow to dry on paper towel in the sun. Leave overnight to make sure the rice is completely dry.

Using the funnel, add your selection of materials to the bottle. You can put in as little or as much as you like. We experimented with using spoons to put the items into the bottle but ended up using hands and fingers as it was much easier and faster!

Adults only – place a small amount of super glue inside lid and allow to dry completely. If using this with small children always supervise as it contains small parts.

Learning Outcomes:

Self esteem – Thomas gets a great sense of achievement out of making and giving something to others

Hand eye co-ordination – picking up materials and putting into funnel

Colour recognition

Fine Motor skills


Now he wants to make more rattles for everyone else :-)…


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  1. Cute.


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