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Pavement Chalk Drawing

Can you remember doing this as a kid? I can. I can remember spending ages drawing on the driveway or the footpath. My neighbour reminded me of this simple activity… Then I saw this wonderful post about young children learning literacy at Irresistible Ideas for Play Based Learning and I knew it was time. This is an activity Thomas and I haven’t done before so we took the opportunity of some sunny weather and got outside for some chalk drawing…

Initiating and Engaging in a conversation: We had a great time – just the two of us. We drew alongside each other and talked about what we were doing “I’m drawing a car” said Thomas, “what are you drawing Mummy”. “I’m drawing a flower” said Mummy, “My car is a bit funny” said Thomas… “That’s a great car” said Mummy, “I love your flower Mummy” said Thomas… The interactions went on.

Developing literacy skills: making marks, talking about pictures and symbols and giving meaning to drawings is all a beginning to literacy learning.

Making decisions, exposure to concepts of long and short, experimenting with sounds (music): Following Thomas’ lead, we started drawing lines – first long lines and then short ones. As we were drawing I said the words “long” and “short” emphasising the long and short with my voice. Thomas thought this was funny and joined in.

Self awareness: He then laid on the ground and I drew around his body. Then he did the same with me. This was funny and tickly. We laughed.

Fine Motor Skills: Thomas explored his pincer grip – using the large chalk, children are able to manipulate it a lot easier than smaller sticks of chalk. Exploring hand preference, Thomas started using chalk with both hands. He is still exploring which is his dominant hand. This hand preference is usually obvious by the time children start school.

Have you tried this experience at home with your children? It’s so easy and develops so many skills – and it’s great fun!


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  1. What a lovely image.

    The two of you together drawing with chalk.

  2. Hahaha. Miss 4 is outside as i type with her dad, doing this activity. They are drawing and playing hopscotch. Conversation is priceless.
    I do remember endless hours outside as child drawing with chalk with the neighbourhood kids.


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