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Cloud Dough

I’ve mentioned before that Thomas is a little particular about getting his hands dirty. Through persistence though, he now will happily paint and get paint on his hands (he wants to wipe it off pretty quickly), he like to do hands prints and will play with playdough although this isn’t really an interest. When I saw this cloud dough on the Imagination Tree blog, I really wanted to try it. I had no idea what it would feel like and if Thomas would enjoy it.

The only way I can describe it is that it’s similar to sand but softer. Give it a try – you’ll love it! It’s a little bit messy but we played with it inside. It can be easily swept up.

It’s a simple recipe with only 2 ingredients you have at home and it’s easy to make with kids.


1kg flour (any kind – we used plain flour)

1 cup vegetable or baby oil

Mix together with your hands until well combined.

I thought I would put trucks with the cloud dough initially because I thought this would motivate Thomas to play with it. This is a good strategy to use with kids if you want to introduce something new or something they’re not really interested in, combine it with something that really engages them.

First of all Thomas pushed his diggers through the dough. Using an object in sensory play is less threatening for children who don’t like different textures as they can get used to the texture without putting their hands in straight away.

Then he started “making it snow” by letting it run through his fingers. He enjoyed “burying the diggers” and then finding them under all the snow.

After a while, he got quite confident with the dough and was putting his whole hand in and moulding it into “snowballs”.

Which he put into the backs of the trucks.

It was a very successful sensory activity. There are so many other props you could add to the cloud dough, such as:

  • Little people
  • Gem stones and rocks
  • Shells (as in the Imagination Tree’s post)
  • Leaves and sticks
  • Animals
  • Cooking equipment – patty cases, spoons etc
  • Sand moulds
  • Wooden letters
  • Paddle pop sticks
  • the list is almost endless…

I’m looking forward to using this again and seeing where the play takes us…


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