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Sock Pairing Game

Ok, so this activity is probably a bit of a no brainer but I hadn’t thought of doing it before (not sure if that means I don’t have a brain – sometimes it certainly feels like it!)… I thought there might be more of you out there who hadn’t thought of the educational benefits (other than teaching responsibility) of getting your children to help out around the house.

Thomas was a little unwell today and therefore a little clingy. I needed to put some washing away in his room and he wanted me to come and play with him. He started picking up his socks so I asked him to find the pairs. At first he wasn’t really sure what he was doing but as soon as he had done one pair he got the idea. Some of them were quite similar so he really had to pay attention to the detail on the sock and search for the right one.

He then turned it into a basketball game – when I folded the pair of socks over, I gave them back to me and he threw them into the drawer and got a “goal”. It kept him happy and I was able to get the rest of the washing put away. Win-win…

When he was finished he wanted to do more. I will definitely be leaving the socks for him to put away next time!

This basic mathematics activity helps children to develop colour recognition, classification skills, concentration, language skills, scanning and finding an object, memory skills and paying attention to detail as well as learning about responsibility and looking after their own things.

For young children you could start with 2 or 3 pairs and have them find the matching one. Thomas matched about 10 pairs this morning.

I found this picture online and I just had to share it with this post :-).


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