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Stained Glass Window

We were in the mood for a bit of craft this afternoon but I was in the mood to not make a lot of mess! This activity was perfect. Thomas got to do some cutting and sticking and there was barely any clean up afterwards.

What you’ll need:

Some cellophane of different colours


Coloured paper


What you do:

Using a piece of coloured paper (ours was square but you could do any shape you like), cut out the middle leaving a border around the edge. I left a border of about 2cm.

Cut a piece of contact slightly bigger than the coloured paper and place the coloured side down onto the contact.

Cut cellophane into strips.

If your child is old enough, they can use child sized scissors to snip small pieces of cellophane to stick onto the window, otherwise you can do this step.

Then all you do is stick the coloured cellophane onto the contact. When you are finished, fold over the excess contact around the border and stick onto a window.

This activity is great for colour recognition, fine motor skills and scissor development.

I love to introduce and cement children’s understanding about different concepts using books. Children’s books can help children learn in so many different ways. If you would like to extend your child’s understanding or interest in colour, here are some examples of great books that explore colour:

“Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See” by Bill Martin and illustrated by Eric Carle,

“Nana’s Colours” by Pamela Allen,

“Rainbow Peekaboo” by DK books

“Wow said the Owl” by Tim Hopgood

and for something a little different,

“The Black Book of Colours” by Menena Cottin.

These are just a few books with colour as the central theme. I’m sure there are many more. Do you have any favourites?


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  1. We love Brown bear brown bear, as well as wow said the owl.
    Others we like include :
    I can eat a rainbow – Annabel Karmel
    Come and Play Colours – Playschool
    Freight Train – Donald Crews.

  2. I love this activity! Great for when you feel like craft but not the mess, preperation and clean up afterwards. Also a great activity for all ages. We have done a similar activity using cut out fish and sea weed to make a fish tank. Once it was done we stuck it on the window.


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