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Flower Card

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It’s Thomas’ Nana’s birthday today so yesterday we made this very special card for him to give her. It’s really easy and fairly quick to make and looks really sweet.

What you need:

Cardboard cut into a rectangle and folded to make card

Cardboard or paper to do prints on

Green, yellow and other coloured paints of your choice (depends what colour flowers you would like)

What you do:

Paint child’s hand and make handprint. Be sure to lightly push each finger down to ensure print is made.

Dip fingers in paint to do finger print flowers making a yellow finger print in the middle of each flower.

Allow to dry and write your message on.

We did this in a bit of a hurry and I didn’t leave the handprint to dry before doing the flowers. If I did this again, I would let the hand print dry as we got a couple of smudges when we did the finger prints.

This would make a great mothers day card too.

Happy mothers day to all the mum’s out there!


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  1. Kerry Melgaard

    Nana just loves this card 🙂


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