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Playdough Roadway

We have all been quite sick of late. Thomas is on his second bout of the flu and we are all suffering complete cabin fever. So in the interests of staying sane just one more day I thought we would make some playdough and have some fun this afternoon.

I have recently come across The Imagination Tree’s 4 minute no cook playdough and am loving it. I’ve never been very good at making playdough but this one is a winner (that’s also where the inspiration for this activity came from).

My little man who does not love playdough spent nearly an hour playing with this activity. Not bad for someone who isn’t feeling very well. Worth noting also is how quickly Daddy came over to play! My hubby usually steers clear of any playdough or painting but today he was right in there. Together they were creating traffic jams and putting holes in the road that the cement mixer had to come and repair… Was really gorgeous to be watching.

If you click on the link, you will be taken to a wonderful post about the Benefits of Playdough from The Imagination Tree shared during their “Playdough Pledge Week”. There’s also some wonderful suggestions of things you can add to playdough to enhance creativity and learning. Take a minute to have a look. I’m sure you’ll be inspired!


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