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Sight Word Bathtub Basketball

My son started school this year. A huge milestone for us all. It has been an emotional few weeks settling in to this new routine and for the most part it has been quite stressful. He comes home from school in very bad moods and is absolutely starving. I’m sure most children are very similar so to add homework into the mix this week has been interesting to say the least.

I know lots of people disagree with homework in Kindergarten especially and I can see where they are coming from but really, the homework that is coming home is a home reader and sight words. It’s not pages of worksheets and projects. It’s a little book and some words to look at.

As parents, we should all be reading to our children every day anyway. Mem Fox recommends that children be read a minimum of 3 books every day. Obviously some days that’s not going to be possible but it’s really not a lot of time out of your day.

The sight words on the other hand I thought might be an interesting challenge. So I decided to make a little bit of fun out of it. Enter Sight Word Bathtub Basketball… Bit of a mouthful I know!

Bathtub Basketball

I have been getting into the routine of getting Mr 5 into the bath pretty much as soon as he gets home (after he’s had something to eat). I find that it relaxes him for the afternoon and gets rid of any pent up stress from the day. I put into the bath some epsom salts and lavender oil. These things help with his relaxation and also are supposed to help with sleeping (I’m not convinced but I’m not prepared to give it up either!). Bath time is a fun time in our house. We like to put food colouring into the water for an added sensory experience.

On Monday I pulled out some ping pong balls that I had put away and wrote each of the sight words that Mr 5 had brought home that day on a ball and put them in the bath with the bath basketball hoop that we’ve had for a long time. He loved saying the words on the ball as he threw them into the hoop. I didn’t pressure him at all but made it into a fun game! Best part… Homework and bath done! You could mix it up with some different coloured ping pong balls as well…

Get creative with your kids homework and it won’t be a chore for them. Yes it’s hard at the end of a long day but with our help it doesn’t have to be boring and repetitive!

By the way, we had coloured the water yellow on this particular day. It doesn’t look good in the photo but it’s not what you’re thinking… 😉


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