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Washing Dolls

This activity is a fun one to do now that the weather is getting warmer.

What you need:


Shampoo/bubble bath

Face washers

Towels (I used hand towels)

Large container to use as a bath.

1/3 Fill the large container with warm water and add the bubble bath, put the dolls in and they are ready for their bath! Once they are all clean dry them off with the towels. This activity can also been done with a tea set or to get the kids involved with washing their toys.

Ensure this activity is always supervised and once you are finished empty the container of any water.



Body Outlines

This activity came about after my girls thought it would be a good idea to roll the new roll of paper across the lounge room and dance all over it. The paper ended up crinkled and ripped in places and wouldn’t fit on the easel (it was bought especially as it fits the easel…) So we had to come up with something to do with all this paper.

Olivia is very much into tracing her hands so we thought we would do this on a much larger scale.

What you need:

Large piece of paper (or two stuck together)



Put the paper on the ground and ask your subject to lay down.

Once they are in position trace around them.  Once you have traced around them cut out the body shape.

Now decorate it!

Today we used textas only but you can decorate them with all sorts of materials e.g. paint, collage materials, magazine cut outs – to make funny faces or material scraps.

My girls lay flat but you can lay in any position and have some fun with the shapes. Once these were done my girls hung them on their bed room doors.


Hand Print Christmas Tree

This idea came from celebrating many Christmas while working in child care.  I have adapted the idea so it can be made in a smaller home version.

What you need:


A large piece of paper

Green paint

A paint brush



Sticky tape

Paint the child’s hand with green paint and make hand prints on the paper.

Once you have a collection of these cut them out and make you tree by placing the hands in a row making each row 2 hand shorter than the last so the hands make a triangle shape and the fingers of the hands look like the leaves on a tree.

Cut out a star shape paint it with glue and then sprinkle the star with glitter. Once dry stick it on to the top of your tree.

Hang your tree on your front door or on the fridge or we hang ours on the kids bed room doors.  You can include everyone that lives in your house hold or include all your family, friends and visitors that will call past during the festive season.

To add to this idea you can colour in or decorate some paper decorations to decorate the tree.  You can find lots of templates for these on the internet.