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Easter Bunny Ears

I have made these with my girls every Easter. When we do our Easter egg hunt on Easter morning both girls wear there ears and use their Easter bunny baskets (Post on how to make these is to come soon!)


White paper or white paint


Collage material to decorate

Cut out a strip of cardboard about 5 cm wide and long enough to fit around your child’s head. Then cut out two bunny ears and attach them to your cardboard.

006 (2)

I made mine out of a thin cardboard box then covered them in white paper. This was much easier than painting them white as it meant the girls could get straight into decorating them!


Now it’s time to decorate! I find its best to leave the cardboard flat at this stage and once it dry you can staple the ends together to make a hat. Today we used texta’s to colour in the ears then glued cotton wool onto the middle of the ears.


The finished product….

017 (2)



Fingerprint Chickens Canvas Art

I know it’s a little early to be thinking about Easter – I can’t believe the shops already have Easter eggs for sale – but I found these photos the other day and wanted to share the idea with you in time for Easter. I can’t lay claim to this idea, my Mum did this with Thomas last Easter. You could do it on canvas or on gift tags to attach to some Easter eggs or on anything you like really. Ours is on a small canvas, about 6×4 inches.


What you need:

Yellow paint

Paint brush

Black felt pen

Green felt pen

Little fingers

Canvas, paper or cardboard

Wet cloth to wipe paint off when finished

What you do:

Use paint brush to apply paint to fingers

If your child is young, guide them to make the finger prints on the page. If they are older they can easily do this themselves.

Make as many prints as you like on the page. They don’t need to be perfect. They look better if they are a little irregular. Leave them to dry.

When the paint is dry, draw eyes, beaks, legs and feet onto chickens with black felt pen. Use green felt pen to draw some grass in between the chickens.