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Easter Bunny Ears

I have made these with my girls every Easter. When we do our Easter egg hunt on Easter morning both girls wear there ears and use their Easter bunny baskets (Post on how to make these is to come soon!)


White paper or white paint


Collage material to decorate

Cut out a strip of cardboard about 5 cm wide and long enough to fit around your child’s head. Then cut out two bunny ears and attach them to your cardboard.

006 (2)

I made mine out of a thin cardboard box then covered them in white paper. This was much easier than painting them white as it meant the girls could get straight into decorating them!


Now it’s time to decorate! I find its best to leave the cardboard flat at this stage and once it dry you can staple the ends together to make a hat. Today we used texta’s to colour in the ears then glued cotton wool onto the middle of the ears.


The finished product….

017 (2)



Letter to Santa

I thought I would share this activity with everyone as Christmas is on its way and writing a letter to Santa is something my girls look forward to this time of year.  You can send your letter and use the service provided by Australia Post (details below) or you can reply to your children’s letter pretending to be Santa 🙂

I sit individually with both girls and write our letters. Lara tells me what she would like to write and I write it for her then she draws pictures for Santa. Olivia who is learning to write, writes some words herself and adds her pictures.  Once the letters are written the girls decorate them using pens, pencils, textas or paint.

Australia Post provides for Australian residents where you can post your letter in a red post box and Santa will reply. You can also down load Santa letter templates either coloured or black and white.  For more information see

Once your letters are written, addressed and stamped we walk down to the local letter box and post them. It is not long before Santa sends a letter back which is a very exciting day at our house!!

This is a great activity to do with children as it promotes language and literacy, creativity and imagination.

Washing Dolls

This activity is a fun one to do now that the weather is getting warmer.

What you need:


Shampoo/bubble bath

Face washers

Towels (I used hand towels)

Large container to use as a bath.

1/3 Fill the large container with warm water and add the bubble bath, put the dolls in and they are ready for their bath! Once they are all clean dry them off with the towels. This activity can also been done with a tea set or to get the kids involved with washing their toys.

Ensure this activity is always supervised and once you are finished empty the container of any water.


Body Outlines

This activity came about after my girls thought it would be a good idea to roll the new roll of paper across the lounge room and dance all over it. The paper ended up crinkled and ripped in places and wouldn’t fit on the easel (it was bought especially as it fits the easel…) So we had to come up with something to do with all this paper.

Olivia is very much into tracing her hands so we thought we would do this on a much larger scale.

What you need:

Large piece of paper (or two stuck together)



Put the paper on the ground and ask your subject to lay down.

Once they are in position trace around them.  Once you have traced around them cut out the body shape.

Now decorate it!

Today we used textas only but you can decorate them with all sorts of materials e.g. paint, collage materials, magazine cut outs – to make funny faces or material scraps.

My girls lay flat but you can lay in any position and have some fun with the shapes. Once these were done my girls hung them on their bed room doors.


City Map/Drawing

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I saw this idea over at The Imagination Tree as one of their “invitations to play”. It definitely looked like something that would go well in our house.

My little man is not very interested in arty/crafty activities and while that doesn’t stop me doing them with him, it does make it difficult to maintain his attention for any great length of time. Do you have trouble engaging your boys in drawing/painting activities? It’s quite common but it is still important that boys get exposure to these sorts of fine motor activities in order to develop their pencil grip and literacy skills.

Which is why this activity is great. For us, it combined Thomas’ interest in cars as well as his imagination at the same time as developing his fine motor skills. Win/win. We also did this as a family which was even nicer. It’s not often that Daddy gets involved in our craft activities.

This is what we started with

Really easy to do…

All you need is:

A large sheet of paper (as big as you like)

Textas (or any drawing implement)

Floor space (preferably floor that can be scribbled upon and cleaned easily because inevitably it will happen as we discovered!)



What you do:

Draw a road on to the paper and put the cars and textas on and let your child create their own little city…

This is our end product

Let you child guide the play and play alongside them. Thomas decided he wanted to draw a park with a swing and his preschool. He needed to put a speed bump outside the preschool so we cut a toilet roll in half and taped it on.

This is the preschool. We had to put in a car park and Thomas ‘wrote’ a ‘P’ for parking in each parking spot. I love this emerging literacy. When children begin to learn that a mark represents a word or a letter – such an exciting time! We also had to put in a pedestrian crossing and a fence around the preschool to “keep the children safe”. 

We added to this for days. I left it on the floor for about a week and it evolved. it started to get a bit ripped and tatty so I pulled it up so we can play with it again.

After a couple of days we added some little people to the play map as well. We had a lot of fun with the children going to preschool and to the park!

Fruit on a Straw!

I got this great idea from a friend who served them at a party. I watched my girls dive straight into them and gobble them up eating many fruits they refused to at home. I decided to have a go and get the girls involved in making them hoping this would encourage them to eat more fruit and so far it has worked!

What you need:

Fruit cut in to bite sized pieces

Straws – I cut them in half

With the children’s help thread the fruit onto the straws and serve. It’s that simple 🙂

It is a great activity to encourage children to try new things, builds fine motor skills and patterning skills. Also builds conversations and language skills as you can discuss the fruit you are using, the colours of the fruit and talk about food likes and dislikes.

Ocean Playdough

 We have been talking a lot about recycling as Olivia has been talking about it at Preschool. With world’s Ocean day coming up on the 8th of June I thought we could explore the ocean.

We have talked about swimming in the ocean and what we can do to take care of the ocean. To further this discussion we have made some playdough and added some sea creatures to make it more ocean like.

This was my first attempt at making cooked playdough and I am really happy with how it worked out. It is a much smoother dough than the uncooked recipe I usually use. If you haven’t made your own playdough before this is defiantly something you should try.  The only problem I had was I didn’t have any blue food colouring so we have a green ocean.


What you need:

A batch of playdough(recipe below)

Sea creatures (I got a bag of about 8 creatures for $1 from Big W)

How to make the dough:

2 C Flour

1 C Salt

2 tbsp Oil

4 tsp Cream of Tatar

1 1/5 – 2 C Water

Food colouring

Mix the food colouring in with the water.  Add all the ingredients , but the water, to a large sauce pan and stir.

Over low heat slowly add the water until all combined.

The mixture may be sticky at this stage but as you continue to stir it will firm up.

Once the dough is coming away from the pot turn out on to the bench and lightly knead.

The dough should be stored in plastic wrap or a plastic container in the fridge.


The girls enjoyed this activity they made sand castles big waves and made patterns with the star fish.

We will do this activity again tomorrow and I will add some rocks from the garden and some blue crape paper.

Once the playdough is getting old and drying out a little I will add sand to if add another texture and to continue on with the ocean theme.