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Body Outlines

This activity came about after my girls thought it would be a good idea to roll the new roll of paper across the lounge room and dance all over it. The paper ended up crinkled and ripped in places and wouldn’t fit on the easel (it was bought especially as it fits the easel…) So we had to come up with something to do with all this paper.

Olivia is very much into tracing her hands so we thought we would do this on a much larger scale.

What you need:

Large piece of paper (or two stuck together)



Put the paper on the ground and ask your subject to lay down.

Once they are in position trace around them.  Once you have traced around them cut out the body shape.

Now decorate it!

Today we used textas only but you can decorate them with all sorts of materials e.g. paint, collage materials, magazine cut outs – to make funny faces or material scraps.

My girls lay flat but you can lay in any position and have some fun with the shapes. Once these were done my girls hung them on their bed room doors.




Hi Everyone!  Its been ages since my last post as we have had a busy few weeks with Christmas, New years and Liv starting Preschool! Over the last few weeks we also have been busy in the garden starting a worm farm and planting some veggie patches. I look forward to sharing our adventures and craft experiences with you over my next few posts.

Today my post is all about fish, Lara was mesmerised by them at the local pet shop even trying to pick them up through the glass. I like to extend on the girls interests in our craft experiences especially with Lara who is happy to paint a few lines on a page and be done.  From this activity we have extended it further by singing songs about fish, reading books about fish, The Rainbow Fish is a favourite, and used our new fish to make up our own fish stories.

What you need:

Paper plates – Plastic plates don’t work as the paint doesn’t stick.

Poster paint



Paint brushes

Felt tip marker – or you can use googly eyes if you have them


How to make the fish:

Separate the paper plates and use the scissors cut a triangle out of two plates. This space will become the mouth. Keep the two cut out triangles.

Place the plates to they are facing each other and staple around the edges. Place the two triangles together and staple them on to the opposite end to the mouth. These will become the tail.

Draw an eye on both sides of the fish.

Once the body is constructed you can decorate them any way you like. We started by painting the fish and once dry we painted some foil and tore it up then glued it on to the fish to look like scales.

Our finished fish:

Cutting Collage

Cutting is a difficult skill for children to master. Therefore it is important that children get a lot of practice to enable them to be successful in using scissors. If your children are in some form of child care or preschool it is likely that they will be getting some exposure to scissors and cutting in this environment. If they are not in a child care environment, you can help them by allowing them some time at home to practice scissor skills. Children should be being exposed to scissors from about age 2 obviously this activity needs to be closely supervised. Since Thomas will be 3 in a couple of months, I thought we should have a go!

There are some great scissors you can buy that help children who are just starting out with learning to use scissors.

These are called “Easy Grip” scissors and are great first scissors as children don’t have to worry about where to put their fingers, they can just get used to the squeezing motion and the idea of snipping the paper.

These scissors are called “Spring loaded” scissors. There is a little latch that can be lifted up to help open the scissors after they have cut. It can also be put back down when children become more competent.

Both of these scissors can be picked up at educational children’s shops or online.

When children first start to use scissors, it is important for them to succeed quickly. This will help for them to develop their confidence and they will be happy to persist at the task and try it again another time if they have been successful. Therefore it is important to provide an activity that is very simple.

What you will need:

Coloured paper

Children’s scissors

Glue stick

Time and patience 🙂

What you do:

Cut some strips of paper approximately 1cm in width, don’t cut them too wide for a child that is just starting out, you want them to be able to cut it in one snip. As children get more competent you can increase the width of the paper so they have to do more cuts.

Set up another colour paper in front of your child.

Assist your child to hold the scissors (remind them ‘thumbs up’ while they are using the scissors) with one hand and the strip of paper with the other. You may need to provide some help with these things initially. Remember that you want your child to succeed at this task.

Encourage your child to make small ‘snips’ to cut bits off the strips of paper.

Help your child to apply glue to the small bits of paper and stick them onto the large piece of paper to create a shape picture.

What your child will be learning:

Fine motor skills – building up small muscles in the hand and fingers

Hand-eye co-ordnination

Bi-lateral co-ordination – using both sides of the body to do a different task ie. holding the paper in one hand and cutting with the other. This can be a hard thing for children to learn and therefore need lots of practice. Threading is also another great activity to help with this skill.

Shape and colour recognition

Self confidence and self esteem!