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Reindeer Handprints

I can’t even remember where I saw this idea now… But I fell in love with it and knew that we had to make some :-).

These are really very easy and are so cute. We are going to use them as gift tags for our presents this year but they would also make a cute Christmas card or decoration for the tree.

It’s really easy to do, a bit messy but that’s all part of the fun…

What you need:

white cardboard

brown poster paint

red pompoms

goggly eyes


What you do:

Paint your child’s hand with the paint – older children may like to do this themselves. Make several handprints onto the cardboard. Allow to dry then cut out the hand prints. Attach the goggly eyes and pom pom noses.


You can even attach a little ribbon if you’d like to make girl reindeer…

Thomas was very impressed with his crafty handprints :-)…

Merry Christmas 🙂