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City Map/Drawing

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I saw this idea over at The Imagination Tree as one of their “invitations to play”. It definitely looked like something that would go well in our house.

My little man is not very interested in arty/crafty activities and while that doesn’t stop me doing them with him, it does make it difficult to maintain his attention for any great length of time. Do you have trouble engaging your boys in drawing/painting activities? It’s quite common but it is still important that boys get exposure to these sorts of fine motor activities in order to develop their pencil grip and literacy skills.

Which is why this activity is great. For us, it combined Thomas’ interest in cars as well as his imagination at the same time as developing his fine motor skills. Win/win. We also did this as a family which was even nicer. It’s not often that Daddy gets involved in our craft activities.

This is what we started with

Really easy to do…

All you need is:

A large sheet of paper (as big as you like)

Textas (or any drawing implement)

Floor space (preferably floor that can be scribbled upon and cleaned easily because inevitably it will happen as we discovered!)



What you do:

Draw a road on to the paper and put the cars and textas on and let your child create their own little city…

This is our end product

Let you child guide the play and play alongside them. Thomas decided he wanted to draw a park with a swing and his preschool. He needed to put a speed bump outside the preschool so we cut a toilet roll in half and taped it on.

This is the preschool. We had to put in a car park and Thomas ‘wrote’ a ‘P’ for parking in each parking spot. I love this emerging literacy. When children begin to learn that a mark represents a word or a letter – such an exciting time! We also had to put in a pedestrian crossing and a fence around the preschool to “keep the children safe”. 

We added to this for days. I left it on the floor for about a week and it evolved. it started to get a bit ripped and tatty so I pulled it up so we can play with it again.

After a couple of days we added some little people to the play map as well. We had a lot of fun with the children going to preschool and to the park!